Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grill Cabbage

Grill Cabbage
If you have never tried this .. you should, it's delish!

1 large head of cabbage

1 stick of butter ( or what ever you use )

2 sheets Heavy Duty aluminum foil
(big enough to cover head of cabbage )

salt and pepper (optional )

take your 2 pieces of foil, lay one on top of the other

Rinse cabbage
cut in half
place stick of butter between the halves of cabbage
salt and pepper to taste
put cabbage "back together"
Wrap head of cabbage with foil
*make sure to use both sheets of foil to hold moisture in
while cabbage is cooking*

Place on top rack in grill or off the side for indirect heat
cook for an hour or until you can stick a knife EASILY
through the top of the foil ball in to the center of the


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